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About Fendex Healthcare

We provide end to end Revenue Cycle Management services and deliver strategic transformation to physician practices, hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare systems. Our team is focused on solving some of the most complex problems of the revenue cycle by applying technology and process automation.

We strive to provide open and clear communication to each practice we work with so that the services received exceeds client expectations. When something isn’t working, we want to know so we can find the right solution for your practice. We value you as our client the same way you value your patients.

Services We Offer

Credentialing/Payer Contracting, Renegotiations & EFT Enrollment

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Authorization & Precertification

Medical Coding

Patient Demography, Charges Entry

Payment Posting, AR & Denial Management

Insurance appeal & it’s process

Processing the patient’s statement

Daily Report preparation & Management

What We Do

At Fendex Healthcare our credentialing team works with clients to collect all the required information necessary to complete credentialing applications. We review and verify the information received against a credentialing strategy checklist, and submit the completed applications to the corresponding insurance carrier. Once submitted, our team will follow up with the carrier until approval confirmations are successfully received.

Our Accounts Receivables team quickly follows up on insurance claims so that payment show up in client A/R systems as soon as possible. We work diligently to minimize the number of days a claim remains in A/R so that clients are paid in a timely manner. On average, our claims spend no more than 38 days in A/R, which is above industry norm. Our ability to reduce the length of time claims remain in A/R ensures an increase in revenue for our clients. When necessary, our team works quickly to resolve denied claims to reduce the likelihood of lost revenue.

When conducting coding and chart reviews, our experts assign ICD-10 codes at the highest level of specificity available, including modifier(s) when applicable. We make every effort to link all appropriate diagnosis and procedure code combinations, ensuring that our client’s reimbursements are maximized for every possible service rendered.

We assign a dedicated team to each client account to communicate with patients through various methods such as text, email, postal mail, in order to collect on outstanding balances. Our teams also work through integrated on-line patient portals used to collect payments or to make changes to their account.

Included in our service offerings is Insurance Eligibility Verification which helps to reduce preventable claim errors. This process provides a simple way for our clients to place their practice on the right path to cleaner claims and faster reimbursements.

Every month, we prepare a comprehensive practice management report for clients summarizing all of the relevant financial data needed to successfully manage your practice and your personnel. Our reports include all supporting details along with key charts and graphs to provide a clear picture of each practice’s financial activity.

Areas of Expertise


Hospital/Acurate Care

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